January 22, 2012

brass accents

I recently purchased the suede embroidered purse (vintage, Penny Jane’s Vintage, Windsor, ON, $18) for its’ uniqueness.  I love the detail in the embroidery, the metallic threads and the solid brass handle.
I paired the purse with a silk tank (Club Monaco), straight leg jeans and the perfect skirted blazer.  The AFSY Collection blazer (vintage, Value Village Thrift, Windsor, ON. $8) is accented with brass zipper teeth that tie in perfectly with the accents on the purse.  Not only did the price of the jacket make it a great find, but the fit is perfect and required no alterations! 

I accessorized with a brass necklace (vintage, Penny Jane’s vintage, Windsor, ON. $5), cobalt and brass earrings (vintage, Jones & Co. Windsor, ON. $18) and a gold link belt (gifted from my grandmother).

Photos by A. Mingay

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  1. Great look as always, Steph! I do love Jones & Penny Jane's....they are both feeding my rhinestone addiction, and M.D. found a great Hello Kitty necklace for Erica's Christmas gift at Penny Jane's. On the other hand, I never seem to find anything at V.V.....or, perhaps I'm not there enough. Found a new store on Wyandotte near Pillette that opens next weekend, but it doesn't call to me as do the others.
    Cheers, B.D.