July 30, 2013

the sheriff

Neiman Marcus sequins top (vintage, Regeneration, Pleasant Ridge, MI $8). Levi's cutoffs (Club Monaco). Boots (Aldo). Jacket (vintage, gift). Sheriff pin (thrifted, Jones & Co. Windsor, ON $7). Earrings (vintage, L&K Antiques, Tilbury, ON.$15). Bracelets (Club Monaco, Giles & Brother, Henry Bendel, thrifted). Rings (H&M, Etsy).

Photos A Mingay

July 26, 2013

slip dressing 101

Slip worn as a dress (vintage, Regeneration, Pleasant Ridge, MI. $7). Bra (Hugo Boss). Jacket (Zara). Shoes (Steve Madden). Plastic purse (kids dept. H&M). Scarf (thrifted, Value Village Thrift, Windsor, ON $1). Box clutch (vintage, Jones & Co, Windsor, ON $39 last seen here). Rings (Etsy, H&M, thrifted). Sunglasses (H&M).

Photos A Mingay

July 21, 2013

repurposed vintage letterpress tray

In a recent post last seen here I included a picture of a letterpress tray that I was hunting for to showcase some of my jewelry.  Most of my jewelry was being stored in a jewelry armoir but I find that I forget about so many things because they are in drawers and not on display.  I had the idea of  using a letterpress tray on one of my shelves in my closet to better mix and match some of my favourite pieces.  I found this tray yesterday at L&K Antiques (Tilbury, ON. $30).  It is larger than the one I found at the time of my recent post and was $10 cheaper.  I scrubbed it down earlier today and let it dry in the sun.  Pictured below is how the tray looks now that it is filled with some of my favourite baubles.

Photos S Mingay

July 18, 2013

borrowed from the boys

This shirt, a happy accident, was borrowed (quite possibly now stolen) from a friend who wears it to paint and work in the garden is a masterpiece. I have been bugging him for months to hand it over.  The paint splatters and worn collar give it a character that can't be found by going into a store and buying off the rack. I also just love the juxtaposed look of a men's shirt on a woman's frame especially when paired with skinny jeans.

Shirt (Dr. Pender Originals). Jeans (H&M). Boots (thrifted, Regeneration, Pleasant Ridge, MI. $13). Bag (Madewell). Sunglasses (Ray-Ban). Bracelets (Henry Bendel, Giles & Brother, H&M, Swarovski, Gap, handmade). Watch (Michael Kors). 

Photos A Mingay

July 15, 2013

manic monday

Silk blouse with wrinkles courtesy of 95 degree heat (thrifted, Regeneration, Pleasant Ridge, MI. $5). Levi's (Urban Renewal). Shoes (Nine West). Handbag (vintage, Jones & Co, Windsor, ON $28). Sunglasses (Tod's). Bracelets (Giles & Brother, market find).

Photos A Mingay

July 13, 2013

this weeks' finds

1. Levi's with patches (some serious alterations required, stay tuned!). 2.Vintage letterpress tray (to be repurposed as a jewelry tray). 3. Camouflage New Balance sneakers. 4. Beaded evening dress (My seamstress really came through on this one.  I found the dress at 11am, stopped by her shop by 11:30 and picked up the dress (a much shorter version) at 3:30 to wear out that evening!). 5. Travel trunk with drawers. 6. Gun city bag by Vlieger & Vandam (Snagged for 60% off at Zane).

Photos taken with iPhone

July 11, 2013

shopping attire

A day of shopping is hard to resist when all of the sales are on.  We battled some interesting weather in Toronto, but even a torrential down pour and power outages weren't enough to stop us.  Comfort is always a priority and  I have finally learned after years of blisters and sore feet that a funky pair of sneakers are the key.

Jeans (thrifted, Windsor, ON). T-shirt (Bang-on). Sneakers (Nike). Clutch (vintage, Value Village Thrift, Windsor, ON $5). Sunglasses (Ray-Ban). Watch (Michael Kors). Bracelet (Giles & Brother). Custom iPhone Case (Case-Mate). Rings (Etsy, H&M).

Photos A Mingay