July 21, 2013

repurposed vintage letterpress tray

In a recent post last seen here I included a picture of a letterpress tray that I was hunting for to showcase some of my jewelry.  Most of my jewelry was being stored in a jewelry armoir but I find that I forget about so many things because they are in drawers and not on display.  I had the idea of  using a letterpress tray on one of my shelves in my closet to better mix and match some of my favourite pieces.  I found this tray yesterday at L&K Antiques (Tilbury, ON. $30).  It is larger than the one I found at the time of my recent post and was $10 cheaper.  I scrubbed it down earlier today and let it dry in the sun.  Pictured below is how the tray looks now that it is filled with some of my favourite baubles.

Photos S Mingay

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  1. Wow, that is awesome. It is an awesome find and it such a great organizer. Hmm good job revamping it back to life.