July 18, 2013

borrowed from the boys

This shirt, a happy accident, was borrowed (quite possibly now stolen) from a friend who wears it to paint and work in the garden is a masterpiece. I have been bugging him for months to hand it over.  The paint splatters and worn collar give it a character that can't be found by going into a store and buying off the rack. I also just love the juxtaposed look of a men's shirt on a woman's frame especially when paired with skinny jeans.

Shirt (Dr. Pender Originals). Jeans (H&M). Boots (thrifted, Regeneration, Pleasant Ridge, MI. $13). Bag (Madewell). Sunglasses (Ray-Ban). Bracelets (Henry Bendel, Giles & Brother, H&M, Swarovski, Gap, handmade). Watch (Michael Kors). 

Photos A Mingay

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