January 31, 2012

i'll take rain over snow any day!

This winter had been incredibly mild. I’m so glad that layering light jackets is suitable to stay warm and that I'm able to wear my favourite leather boots (vintage, Penny Arcade Vintage, Toronto, ON. $70) without the fear of salt destroying them!

 Accessories: Bib Necklace (Forever 21). Crossbody bag (Marc by Marc Jacobs).

Photos by A Mingay

January 29, 2012

rock n roll, my way

I’ve mentioned in past posts how music inspires me.  My choices for this combination are a great example of this....with a twist. I found this little gem of a skirt on a recent Saturday shopping trip.  When I first laid eyes on the black satin skirt (St. Vincent de Paul Thrift, Windsor, ON. $6 (no that is not a typo!); I was flooded with ideas of altering its current state.  I immediately had visions of shortening the front above the knee while maintaining the train in the back and adding a wide ruffle (think 24”) around the circumference of skirt. The state of this skirt is still evolving. For now I have simply removed the majority of the train, put on a Black Keys tee, leather jacket and some sparkle. At Phog Lounge, Windsor, ON.

Accessories: Pendant necklace (Forever 21). Silver foil clutch (vintage, Value Village Thrift, Windsor, ON $3). Watch (Michael Kors).

Photos by S Srdanov

January 25, 2012

break the rules

Contrasting fabrics, different textures and a mix of day and evening wear can work together! The sequins skirt (H&M) pictured here, is a perfect example.  While the obvious choice would be to pair it with a classic wool turtleneck or a fitted blazer, by mixing it with a denim shirt (H&M) and angora sweater (Madewell) it has become a very versatile item in my closet.  By doing this, some of your tried and true favourites can be revived!

Accessories: Rhinestone necklace (vintage, Jones & Co., Windsor, ON. $24). Watch (Michael Kors). Navy leather python shoulder bag (vintage, Jones & Co., Windsor, ON. $38). Boots (Steve Madden).

Photos by S. Srdanov

January 22, 2012

brass accents

I recently purchased the suede embroidered purse (vintage, Penny Jane’s Vintage, Windsor, ON, $18) for its’ uniqueness.  I love the detail in the embroidery, the metallic threads and the solid brass handle.
I paired the purse with a silk tank (Club Monaco), straight leg jeans and the perfect skirted blazer.  The AFSY Collection blazer (vintage, Value Village Thrift, Windsor, ON. $8) is accented with brass zipper teeth that tie in perfectly with the accents on the purse.  Not only did the price of the jacket make it a great find, but the fit is perfect and required no alterations! 

I accessorized with a brass necklace (vintage, Penny Jane’s vintage, Windsor, ON. $5), cobalt and brass earrings (vintage, Jones & Co. Windsor, ON. $18) and a gold link belt (gifted from my grandmother).

Photos by A. Mingay

January 17, 2012

1970' maxi dress

I have been searching for the perfect 1970’s maxi dress for some time now, and while I have found several, it was not until I tried on this dress, that I found “the one”.  I have a smaller frame and until now have always felt like the dress was wearing me, rather than me wearing the dress.  The vintage Aimee dress (Penny Jane’s Vintage, Windsor, ON. $45) pictured here was a great compromise.  By selecting a dress with no sleeves and a crocheted collar I was still able to capture the essence of the 1970’s maxi dress without compromising fit.

Resin clutch (vintage, Jones & Co., Windsor, ON. $38).

Photos taken at Penny Jane's Vintage, Windsor, ON

Photos by J. Mingay

January 14, 2012

midnight cowboy

When putting the look together for this post, I chose a pair of burgundy suede cowboy boots (vintage, Value Village Thrift, Windsor, ON $8).  I paired them with a maxi skirt, strapless body suit and a suede fringe vest to demonstrate my take on a feminine western look.

In thinking about the complete look, I realized something very interesting.  I had confidently decided to highlight the boots and then worked the outfit around them.

So here is a question for you….What do you choose first, the outfit or the footwear?

For me, this is something that is ever-changing.  I often go into my closet and choose one thing to highlight or a starting point. By changing the focus, it opens up the possibilities of your wardrobe. Case in point, when I was selecting which photos to post, I realized that although my initial intention was to focus on the burgundy suede cowboy boots, I ended up with an outfit that could work with any of the boots picture here.

Python cowboy boots (vintage, 69 Vintage, Toronto, ON. $100); Red leather cowboy boots (vintage, Value Village Thrift, Windsor, ON. $13); Stacked wooden heeled boots (Nine West); Black and fuchsia cowboy boots (vintage, Nine West, Value Village Thrift, Windsor, ON. $9); Leather gold metallic cowboy boots (Le Chateau).

Instead of choosing an outfit that you either bought as complete look or have worn together before, choose one item that you really want to highlight, then challenge yourself to wear it completely different. This will be sure to give your wardrobe a whole new life!

January 10, 2012


I'm often inspired by garments and accessories that I see on the runway or in magazines. Recently bold colour and ethnic prints have taken centre stage. On a recent trip to Mexico I was thrilled to shop the markets for embroidered goods.  The handbag pictured here was a steal for $50.  I also picked up some friendship bracelets and with a little DIY magic, they complete the look.

January 08, 2012

all the pretty flowers

I've had this "Jay Garment, Toronto" jacket for years. It originally had a fur collar that I removed and now wear as an accent with everything from a jean jacket to a silk blouse. Wool  fushia coat (vintage, Value Village Thrift, Windsor, ON. Under $20).

These jeans have seen better days, but they're so perfectly worn in. I can't let them go.
The left thigh has litterly worn a 12" hole. I've added a great vintage pin to close it a bit. Rhinestone bow pin (vintage, $5). Red flower pin (vintage, $3). Rhinestone wreath pin (vintage, $7). Rhinestone flower pin (vintage, $1)

I love the versatility of this top.  There's a zipper that runs down the entire back. I can wear it backwards with the zipper in the front, as a vest.  The beadwork is amazing, and in excellent condition. The label reads 'House of Gold, Made in Hong Kong'. This top is perfect to pair with either a blouse or turtleneck, along with a full skirt. Flower sequins tank (vintage, Penny Jane's Vintage, Windsor, ON. $18).