January 14, 2012

midnight cowboy

When putting the look together for this post, I chose a pair of burgundy suede cowboy boots (vintage, Value Village Thrift, Windsor, ON $8).  I paired them with a maxi skirt, strapless body suit and a suede fringe vest to demonstrate my take on a feminine western look.

In thinking about the complete look, I realized something very interesting.  I had confidently decided to highlight the boots and then worked the outfit around them.

So here is a question for you….What do you choose first, the outfit or the footwear?

For me, this is something that is ever-changing.  I often go into my closet and choose one thing to highlight or a starting point. By changing the focus, it opens up the possibilities of your wardrobe. Case in point, when I was selecting which photos to post, I realized that although my initial intention was to focus on the burgundy suede cowboy boots, I ended up with an outfit that could work with any of the boots picture here.

Python cowboy boots (vintage, 69 Vintage, Toronto, ON. $100); Red leather cowboy boots (vintage, Value Village Thrift, Windsor, ON. $13); Stacked wooden heeled boots (Nine West); Black and fuchsia cowboy boots (vintage, Nine West, Value Village Thrift, Windsor, ON. $9); Leather gold metallic cowboy boots (Le Chateau).

Instead of choosing an outfit that you either bought as complete look or have worn together before, choose one item that you really want to highlight, then challenge yourself to wear it completely different. This will be sure to give your wardrobe a whole new life!

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