April 22, 2012

peplum dress

Anytime I have travel plans one of the first things I do even before packing is to seek out any vintage hot spots in the city.  Last week was no different.  I made sure to do my homework, or so I thought.  I had managed to locate 10 or so vintage or thrift stores and mapped them out accordingly but much to my disappointment, they were a total bust. Most were pawn shops cleverly disguised as otherwise online, GRRRR! 
I stopped at a Value Village Thrift store in the city and went through my normal routine - jewelry NOTHING, shoes NOTHING, coats NOTHING, dresses....wait I think I see something promising.....oh yes!  Nestled in with the wrong size I spotted the fabulous peplum dress pictured above.  I think that I may have actually shrieked with delight from the dressing room when I tried it on! #1 because the fit was perfect, #2 because of the purple underskirt, and #3 because I saw the price tag..$5! 

The French Fact dress (vintage; Value Village Thrift, London, ON. $5). Leather belt (thrifted; Value Village Thrift, Windsor, ON. $3). Handbag  (vintage; Value Village Thrift, Windsor, ON. $6. Necklace (vintage; Jones & Company Windsor, ON. $18). Shoes (Aldo). Total cost $32 (not including shoes).

Photos A Mingay


  1. You sold me with the purple detail. Fantastic! Cath

  2. i actually gasped at this one too. you hit it perfectly and look so very lovely. well done. again.