June 30, 2012

miami - hello, good-bye

1 I think that we were taken for a ride, both literally and figuratively.  $82.50 from the airport to our hotel in South Beach, WTF! 2 "The Meatball" at Prime Italia, more food than anyone 1 person should ever eat!!! (We shared and still did not finish it). 3 Loving this dress at All Saints. 4 By the pool, no sign of tropical storm Debby! 5 Larger than life street art in the Design District. 6 Mix and match drinks at SLS Hotel. 7 Sewing fancy at All Saints. 8 Dodge Dart.  The driver was actually pulling away and I stopped him to snap this shot, I'm sure he thought I was nuts, but he did stop! 9 In the sun.

Photos S Mingay

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