November 11, 2012

searching for sugarman

There are some things in life that move you to the point that you can not initially communicate the impact.  Such is the case of the documentary I saw this morning at the Windsor International Film Fest (WIFF) - Searching For Sugarman.  I had tickets for the Thursday night showing but due to some sound issues, it was cancelled.  This morning while having coffee, I discovered that it had been rescheduled for 10am today so I made my way down to the theatre.  
The documentary made by Swedish director Malik Bendjelloul traces the search for a man who some considered to be the voice of the anti-establishment movement in the late 1960`s and early 1970`s. The film follows the tumultuous journey of Sixto Ruiz Rodriguez known simply as Rodriguez's life and how through the tireless efforts of a pair of South Africans, it was determined that he had in fact not died from an apparent suicide on stage but was very much alive and living in Detroit; in the same run down house where he had been for the last 40 years. 
Please, if you have the opportunity to see this documentary, do so.  It is an extraordinary story of hope, inspiration and the human spirit.

Watch the trailer

Sixto Ruiz Rodriguez known simply as Rodriguez in the 1970`s

 Rodriguez today in Detroit

Rodriguez today with director Malik Bendjelloul

60 Minutes Interview

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