May 06, 2013

a stroke of good luck?

Over the weekend I spent some time in Detroit at a few of my favourite vintage and thrift shops.  While I had very good intentions of stopping by a few new shops, I never happened.  In the five hours I spent shopping, I only made it to three!
The Salvation Army proved to be my biggest surprise of the day.  I had all but given up and was ready to leave the store empty handed when I decided to take a final look through the blouses. (Call it intuition, but this is usually when I find my best stuff.  I have 'warmed up' and the little voice inside my head says 'just take one more look before you go').  Ten minutes later, I held in my hand five silk blouses,  including one Chanel and two Christian Dior circa 1970. Total cost for all five - $22!  Nope, not a typo, $22!
The mint condition, black silk, size 36 (perfect fit) Chanel blouse, was enought to make me pass out, that is until I saw the price.....ready for it?......$4.99.  At this point I think that I actually did lose consciousness for a second or two.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
Some may think that such excitement is a bit of an exageration,  but you have to understand, for someone like me who has spent hours and hours since I was a teen shopping at vintage and thrift stores, this experience was comparable to finding a needle in a haystack.  A once in a lifetime. And not only did I find a mint condition, black silk, size 36 (perfect fit) Chanel blouse, it requires no alterations.  It is perfect, just like the moment I found it!

Until the debut of this little wonder, check out what else I found.

Lace dress (vintage, Regeneration, Pleasant Ridge, MI. $8). Boots (vintage, Regeneration, Pleasant Ridge, MI. $19). Denim vest (F21). Purse (vintage, gift from RF). Sunglasses (Ray-Ban). Rings (Etsy).

Photos A Mingay


  1. Lovely dress!

    I have a new post - check it out?

    Jess XO

    1. Thanks so much. I'll be sure to check it out.