August 10, 2013

fish out of water

Well it certainly didn't take me long to find another 'perfect' beaded/sequins jacket!  
I think that the pattern of the sequins on the shoulders and down the sleeves is just fantastic. I love the way it catches the light.  I only wish that I would have got a photo of the back.  The same detail starts at the shoulder blades and comes to a point in the centre. Glorious!
Fantastic + Glorious = another beaded/sequins jacket!

Beaded jacket (vintage, Jones & Co. Windsor, ON $25). Levi's shorts (Club Monaco). T-shirt (Zara). Sandals (Zara). Fendi purse (thrifted, Vintage House, Windsor, ON. $60). Bracelets (thrifted, Giles & Brother, Chanel, H&M, Gap). Sunglasses (H&M).

Photos A Mingay


  1. omg, lovely jacket

  2. Thank you for styling this jacket with a simple white tee and denim shorts. This is a very rich and elegant jacket that does not need much to stand out. It is its own master. Just perfect. Love it.