October 14, 2013

leather pants makeover take 2

A few years back before leather shorts were on the rack at every department store, I was in search of.  At the time the only leather shorts that I could find were designer (and several hundred dollars) so I opted to get a little creative.  I found a pair of leather pants with pleats (circa 1980) at a local consignment shop for a steal.  I transformed them into shorts by cutting off the legs using a pair of pinking shears.  I 'hemmed' them using double sided tape and voila, lambskin leather shorts in all of 20 minutes.

DIY leather shorts (thrifted, Now and Again, Windsor, ON $15). Denim shirt (Fun & Flirt). Sweatshirt (Gap). Shoes (Zara). Handbag (Incognito). Sunglasses (Michael Kors). Earrings (vintage, L&K Antiques, Tilbury, ON. $5). Necklaces (vintage, Chief Salvage, Toronto, ON $30; vintage, Value Village Thrift, Windsor, ON. $3 and $7; F21). leather pants makeover take 1

Photos A Mingay

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