October 02, 2014

best friends in paris

 Outside our hotel, Le Royal Monceau

 Lunch at musée d'Orsay

In a celebration of almost 30 years of friendship, Lisa, Chantel and myself have just returned from a vacation in Paris.  The fact that trip fell during Paris Fashion Week was a major bonus!!  We packed in both visiting must-see tourist attractions and wandered off the beaten path (in search of vintage stores, thanks girls!) to make this a fantastic trip that I am sure we'll be talking about for many years to come. Love you both. xx

Lisa on the balcony of our room at Le Royal Monceau

 Lisa and Chantel outside musée d'Orsay

 Chantel's reaction to dessert, an eclair for three!

 Outside musée du Louve

 Chantel on the merry-go-round at the Eiffel Tower

 Brunch at the Eiffel Tower

 The best seat in the house

 Chantel and Lisa on the deck of the Eiffel Tower

 Lisa in front of the Arc de Triomphe and possibly one of the most terrifying roundabouts I have ever experienced!

 Champagne break with Chantel

 More champagne!

Ending the evening with a cocktail at our hotel was a nightly ritual.  Also the scene where we managed to spot a few famous faces during the week!!

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  1. Looks like such a fun trip and how amazing to be there with friends during fashion week!