January 06, 2015

tie one on

Could it be possible that the statement necklace, long reigning "queen of the neck", will be dethroned in 2015 by the silk scarf? Whether it's a favourite vintage print or a trendy designer one, it's time to dig your favourite from the bottom of your lingerie drawer, STAT!

There is really no right or wrong way to wear a silk scarf but size is important. I prefer a square over an oblong shape for the simple fact that there are several more options on how to tie it. Also, depending on the top or jacket that I'm wearing, I prefer a small square (17"x 17") vs a standard square (27"x 27").

Here are a few looks I've put together that both pair the neck scarf with your favourite statement necklace or as an alternative.

If you are not quite ready to wear your silk scarf around your neck, try tying it around the handle of your favourite handbag or around your wrist.

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