April 19, 2015

finding the ideal fringe jacket

So, my western fringe jacket count this season is up to four.  It seems ridiculous but...yeah its a bit ridiculous!  In all fairness to me, one I gave to a friend, one a is pale pink suede number that I plan to to dye black (any tips would be welcomed :), one is chestnut brown suede and over-sized and the one above, is a beautiful tan leather. 
I found the leather version buried in the back of one of my favourite spots in Kensington Market.  It was tiny, a hard find most often and free from any major damage.  I really liked it for its versatility.  Being leather it can transition to night and add some flare to my typical uniform, all black.

Leather fringe jacket (vintage, Flashback Vintage, Toronto, ON). Hat (vintage, Mama Loves You, Toronto, ON). Top (F21). Jeans (second-hand, 96 Tears, Toronto, ON). Bandanna, worn around neck (dollar store). Booties (Zara).

Photos Renza

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