May 15, 2015

miss v

I was always fascinated when I was younger while shopping with my grandmother (now a healthy 102!) that she could buy a blouse or jacket without even trying it on.  Having made all of her own clothes until she was late into her 70's, she would simply pull her measuring tape out of her purse, measure from shoulder to shoulder and if the garment measured an exact 15 1/2 inches, done deal.  She also told me that with my frame, similar to hers, I should always be shopping in the petites section.  She would school me in my teen years, during my grunge phase, the first time around, that my frame was far to small to be wearing the over sized flannel menswear that I loved, and even though I didn't listen then, her message stuck.  One of the many reasons that I gravitate to shopping vintage is the true fit. Quite different from today where one store a size 4 fits and the next a 00.  Really, 00 is not a size!  And while I don't shop with a measuring tape in my purse, I have a pretty well trained eye for what will work for my body.  The Valentino, MissV jacket that I found recently at a local vintage fair is a perfect example.  While I was initially attracted to the bubble-gum tartan (a first for me) it was only after I slipped it on and it fit like a glove that I was sold.    Gram would be very impressed with this one.  Classic, lady-like and a perfect fit!

Miss V by Valentino (vintage, Wild Thing Vintage, Toronto, ON). Levis (second-hand, 96 Tears Vintage, Toronto, ON). Saks Fifth Ave top (vintage, Lost & Found Vintage, Royal Oak, MI). Shoes (Nine West). Suede clutch (The Gap). Sunglasses (Ray-Ban).

Photos Renza

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