August 08, 2012

kaleidoscope of colour

It is not often that I am this relaxed having my photo taken.  I am not sure if it was the 20 minute window I had to work with ( no time to over-think) or the audience of locals that seemed to be amused with my overdressing! Nevertheless, I was very pleased to come across this wall last weekend.  I have had this dress hanging on my closet door for a couple of months now, waiting for the perfect location.  I think that this was it!  With the sun shining and blue wall and pink door contrast, I felt like a piece of art.

I found the dress on a trip to Toronto in Kensington Market.  It was hanging on a clothes line outside of the same store that I scored the Gucci hi-tops last seen here.  The colours caught my eye along with the fact that the shape resembled a caftan. The 50% off sign didn't hurt either!  It was a perfect fit, SOLD. The design is actually quite smart and not hard to replicate.  You may just see a repeat in silk in the days to come.

Handmade dress (vintage, Kensington Market, Toronto, ON $25). Leather clutch (American Apparel). Sandals (Nine West). Necklace ( H&M). Sunglasses (Michael Kors). Ring (handcrafted in India, bought at a street market).

This little girl came up with her mom when we were shooting the photos.  Her mom told me that she thought I was a model and wanted to have her photo taken with me. Who could resist a smile that cute? She was so sweet.

Photos A Mingay


  1. I love your style dear,that dress is so amazing. It looks great on you..!
    I followed too via GFC. Thanks for the message on IFB..
    Great blog. Lets keep in touch..

  2. Thanks for following :)
    & that dress is absolutely stunning :3
    The colours are very flattering on you ^_^