October 08, 2012

how do you wear vintage? shari

WHO: Shari Gardin

WHAT: 80's Black Dress (vintage, Penny Jane's Vintage, Windsor, ON $20). Michael Kors shoes (thrifted, Penny Jane's Vintage, Windsor, ON. $40). Earrings (vintage, Penny Jane's Vintage, Windsor, ON. $20) Bracelet (thrifted, Penny Jane's Vintage, Windsor, ON $20). Purse (vintage, yard sale $1). 80's Red Dress (vintage, Aquarius Vintage, Windsor, ON. $20). Belt (vintage, Aquarius Vintage, Windsor, ON. $5).

WHERE:Windsor, ON

WHY VINTAGE: Shari said: I fell in love with vintage because of the personal intimacy of the shopping experience in an independent store, and the one on one assistance you get with putting an outfit together that you can't get in the mall.  It's like being in a big dress up box and being free to be creative, mix and match, and develop something unique and fun.

Photos S Mingay


  1. Great post. The pics are terrific. Shari you look
    super. Nice choices, but my favourite is the purse.
    It's killer!

  2. You look fabulous!! Great outfits, and great blog! We're new followers xx