December 03, 2012

every dress tells a story

When I purchased this dress a couple of weeks ago the salesperson was kind enough to tell me a bit of its' history.  The woman who had brought the dress in on consignment, had kept it since the late 60's when she wore it for her own engagement party.  When I asked if the woman was still married and why after all of these years was she now able to part with the dress, the salesperson said that she didn't have any further details, much to my disappointment.  It was torture.  A large part of my love for vintage stems from the story behind a garment.  Whether it was the first day of school, a first date, a sad goodbye,  clothes are part of the memory for me.
Next time I am in the neighborhood, I will be sure to stop in and give it another shot.  I would love to share  a 'then and now' perspective in an upcoming post and hopefully a little more of her memories.

Dance Originals by Zarnett Toronto lace dress (vintage, The Vintage House, Windsor, ON $65). Fur stole (Furs by Arpin Co Ltd, Windsor, ON, gifted). Handbag (thrifted, The Market, Windsor, ON $10). Belt (thrifted, Value Village Thrift, Windsor, ON $3). Boots (Barneys Co-op). Rings (Aldo). Bracelets (Club Monaco, F21).

Photos A Mingay

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