December 08, 2012

jacket makeover

Sometimes something that is not quite perfect just needs to come in contact with a razor blade!  This fur vest was a coat last week.  After being inspired by a vintage find (that I didn't purchase), I paid a visit three visits to my seamstress who refused the work because she said that I could do it myself!  After her third refusal and a little instruction, I went to work.  First taking a razor to the lining in the sleeves, then to the fur.  She recommended a razor vs scissors to avoid actually cutting through the fur.  Good tip! I also removed the GIANT shoulder pads. I then hand sewed a binding (made from the removed lining) to the body of the jacket, rolled the edge and hand sewed the lining of the jacket to the binding using a blind stitch (as per my instructor).  Voila, $50 in alterations costs saved.  Not to worry, I keep my seamstress very busy, she can afford to push back every once in a while.

Rabbit fur (vintage, Value Village Thrift, Windsor, ON $25). Leather jacket (Zara). Beaded dress (H&M). Booties (Topshop). Cuffs (H&M). Personalized 'belongs to ghrlunltd' perspex clear clutch (MNO logie; buy it here). 

Photos A Mingay


  1. Well. Sometimes seamstresses can be a pain in the b***, I know it all too well...but it is extremely hard to find one which knows what she is doing and has also the time for it, don't you think? You did a great job yourself with that fur-coat! Now you can wear the vest with a variety of other pieces underneath!

  2. Well, you should really be grateful for the rejection because it was why you were inspired to work on this fur vest yourself. ;) Look at you! You really look fabulous wearing that vest!