April 03, 2014

how do you wear vintage? melanie

Name: Melanie Janisse

What do you do? I am a painter mostly, and I make beautiful things with Jennifer Lopez and other custom made fashion items.

Why do you love vintage? I love the uniqueness of vintage.  The quality of the hand is so predominant with older items.  I love the energy of vintage, as it holds a little bit of everyone who owned it.

Do you have a favourite piece of clothing or accessory? An Emilio Pucci skirt made for Saks, a pair of Mimi Kalman earrings with fortune tellers and brass, and a chocolate brown pair of platforms that I found at an estate sale a couple of weeks ago. (Note: The Pucci skirt is amazing!!)

What is your best recent find? I just scored a pair of purple Gucci desert boots at a thrift shop in Windsor.  I still have them, but the are for sale on my Etsy site!

Visit Melanie's Etsy site here

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