August 25, 2014

salt and cedar

A few weeks back I spent the day at Eastern Market in Detroit with a good friend exploring the market and the surrounding shops.  It was one thing that I had never gotten around to doing in my lifetime spent in the Windsor/Detroit area and before I made my move to Toronto, I made a point to finally visit.  It was a perfect day, the sky was clear and the sun was shining, a rare thing it seems this summer.  While wandering we stumbled upon the curious entrance of a letterpress studio called Salt & Cedar.  Inside we met co-owners Megan O'Connell and Leon Johnson who gave us personal tour around the space and provided us with an insight into their vision.  The space was warm and inviting, not unlike their generous spirit. A must visit next time you are in the D!

A gift from Leon as I was leaving. It must have been my RBF (*resting bitch face :) the made him compelled to gift such a gem. Wink Wink!

Look inside Salt & Cedar

2448 Riopelle St. Detroit, MI

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