April 05, 2015

up all night

I have been on the hunt for a snakeskin jacket for several years now.  Most often when I do track one down it is either not my size or well beyond what my pocketbook can afford.  
I have a laundry list of such gems filed neatly in the back of my mind that for as much as they frustrate me, I can't seem to give up on.  
I stumbled upon the jacket pictured below one night last summer when I couldn't sleep.  I was trolling Instagram as I most often do when I can't sleep and there she was!  Beat up and abused but the price was right, so I purchased the jacket not even knowing if it was going to fit.  
It ended up that the fit was perfect but the tears on the shoulders made it unwearable.  I brought it to a number of leather shops in Toronto with hopes that someone would help me repair it but was turned away several times.  
That was until I brought it to Shoppe & Tailor on Ossington at College.  Maegan the shop owner didn't seemed fazed by the task and her work proved that I shouldn't have been worried either!  As I have discussed before, dropping a vintage garment off at the seamstress always leaves a lump in my throat.  If something goes wrong that's it. The garment can not be replaced.  This is why finding a trusted seamstress is essential when you shop vintage or second-hand.  
Maegan was able to take some of the skin from the inside seams to patch the tears and use a matching suede in a couple of  other spots.  The results were pretty fantastic and I could not be happier. Just see for yourself!

Dress (vintage, 69 Vintage, Toronto, ON). Belt (second-hand, Lost & Found Vintage, Royal Oak, MI). Snakeskin jacket (vintage, @theboodlefactory, Instagram store, based in Detroit, MI). Snakeskin clutch (Club Monaco). Booties (Zara). Bracelets (thrifted, gifted).

Photos Renza

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