June 20, 2015

steve's place - detroit mi

I was reminded of a shoot that we did last year (that for whatever reason I never posted), upon hearing the news that Steve, owner of the famous 'Steve's Place' in Detroit, MI. was not in good health.
It was just after 11am on a Sunday in a deserted downtown Detroit when we walked into the bar to find Steve and his wife Sophie sitting in the back.   My friend Cathy and I ordered a couple of Pabst Blue Ribbon bottles (when in Rome) and struck up an easy conversation with Steve.  He offered us a shot of schnapps, on the house (may I remind you it was 11am :) to drink with our beer. I had heard from friends that this was a regular thing for Steve to do and because it seemed like it would have been offensive to turn him down, we accepted.
Steve was quite smitten with the photo shoot, even standing in a few of the shots.  A downtown fixture for over 40 years, I am sure Steve has seen his share of events.  Not sure a photo shoot for a vintage fashion blog was on the list before this day, so my heart smiles as I wish for comfort to you Steve.  xx

Photos C Miller

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