April 21, 2016

day 3 FAT 2016

 Lesley Hampton
Gichi-oodenaang Ogichidaag, or City Warriors in Ojibwe, presented by Lesley Hampton was a stunning collection that explored the origin of the Native American jingle dress.  Based on the Ojibwe teachings, the jingle dress is used in Powwow celebrations to empower a community. This was demonstrated in an emotional opening to the show by a dancer performing to the beat of a drum, wearing said dress.  It created an energy in the room.  The collection crossed the barriers of size, shape and gender and offered fresh look at welcoming our differences.



 Feyanki Law


 Dilly Daisy


 Maya Charbin

 Lesley Hampton


All photos by Jonathan Hooper
For more of his work, visit his Instagram account @jonathanhooper

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